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Posted: 15 Feb 2014


There has been an introduction of stricter rules since 2012 for visa applications, meaning potential applicants find it more difficult.

This has led to a drop of almost 50% in visa application passes highlighting the simple fact, the average applicant needs help to get through this arduous and competitive process.

HS Skills was created with the vision of ensuring that any change in legislation would not stop the important immigration of talented undergraduates, postgraduates, skilled workers and business men.

Our team can provide you with advice on your current status, however; our services are not just limited to this.

As a UK educational consultancy, we will advise you on the precise routes to visa application and work with you to find the best personal route for you.

There is no doubt at, HS Skills, we will bend over backwards to get the job done faster, swifter and smoothly than any other consultancy.

We deal with the following:

- Student Visa

- Visa Extension

- College being revoked or black listed

- English Language Test A1-B1-B2

- Maintenance Funds

- Admission all around UK Colleges / University (must be UKBA registered)

- English Classes with top tutors held everyday

- Investors, highly skilled, and entrepreneurs (business Visas otherwise known as Tier 1)

- Skilled workers Visas (Tier 2)

The best customer services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and 100% application success rate

Whatever your needs, get in touch either through our website or use the information above.

We hope to hear from you soon